To help you see clearly in the financial management of your assets, we rely on the expertise of our management company, MBTRADINVEST AG, a company approved by the FINANCIAL MARKET AUTHORITIES, and its team of managers specialized in the procedures , finance, globally. MBTRADINVEST AG was founded with one mission: to manage the financial assets of private clients. Its management team, experts in global asset allocation, specializes in the construction of international multi-asset class portfolios.

The company operates in all global markets and can invest across all geographies, asset classes, sectors and devices to build robust and resilient investment solutions that participate in market upside and so allow you to navigate serenely through the round.

Focused on the needs of private investors, its range of products and services is structured as follows:

Funds and in particular its funds available on the vast majority of Swiss life insurance contracts and on securities accounts. A turnkey management solution for your life insurance policy: managed management Tailor-made management mandates invested in funds, trackers, living securities and structured products. These mandates are available in Swiss life insurance companies and on securities accounts.

MBTRADINVEST AG therefore offers to support you in your financial investments by offering you the most suitable solution according to your personal situation, your performance objectives, your investment horizon and your behavior in the face of risk.

If you want to know more, contact your wealth advisor.